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Grants Approved at June 20, 2018 Board Meeting

Grantee Amount Description Date Fund
Auberle $180,000

To provide a workforce solution for Northside residents, by launching the Northside Employment Institute, in collaboration with Buhl and the One Northside initiative.

6/20/18 Buhl
Citizen Science Lab $75,000

To support Citizen Science Lab's new, year-long program designed to teach youth in grades 9-12 flying lessons to safely fly their own drones.

6/20/18 Buhl
Foundation of HOPE $75,000

To implement a diversion program on the Northside for low- to medium-risk, nonviolent offenders intended to decrease the participant's likelihood of re-offending.

6/20/18 Buhl
Pressley Ridge $50,000

To support children, adults, and families from the Northside of Pittsburgh with comprehensive mental health services through a Northside community outpatient clinic.

6/20/18 Buhl
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh $40,000

To support the Bringing Libraries and Schools Together on the Northside (BLAST Northside) project, which connects every third grade student on the Northside with educational programs grounded in the Carnegie Library to increase formal and informal learning opportunities.

6/20/18 Buhl
Northside Cultural Collaborative $30,000

To support executive transition and strategic planning.

6/20/18 Buhl
Providence Connections, Inc. $30,000

To support a "community museum" by developing a dedicated professional development classroom for Northside parents and early childhood educators.

6/20/18 Buhl
Carnegie Institute and the Andy Warhol Museum $30,000

To support Northside youth participation to engage with in artist-driven youth programs, leadership development opportunities, and paid internships.

6/20/18 Buhl
Carnegie Mellon University $25,000

To support the Girls of Steel program to empower women and girls in the pursuit of STEM by exemplifying female success in robotics.

6/20/18 Buhl
FUSE Corps $25,000

To support a FUSE Fellow stationed within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Zone 1 to manage and implement community-policing initiatives in Pittsburgh's Northside neighborhoods.

6/20/18 Buhl
Hosanna House $25,000

To support Hosanna House in the sharing of resources and regional assets to positively impact roughly 2,000 children and families throughout the region in 2018-19.

6/20/18 Buhl
New Hazlett Center for the Performing Arts $25,000

To support expanded outreach efforts and enhanced community engagement strategies.

6/20/18 Buhl
POISE Foundation $25,000

To support the launch of The Advanced Leadership Initiative (TACI) which aims to foster a pipeline of high performing African American leaders in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

6/20/18 Buhl
Never Fear Being Different $20,000

To support VlogU, a pilot summer program that aims to teach information literacy, career development, and effective online leadership skills to the next generation of online influencers.

6/20/18 Buhl
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust $12,500

To support the Cultural Trust's 4th Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts, an ambitious and expanded showcase of never-before-seen performing and visual arts attractions.

6/20/18 Buhl
Northside Coalition for Fair Housing $10,000

To support Board development and strategic planning.

6/20/18 Buhl
Northside Leadership Conference $10,000

To promote and enhance the vitality and quality of life in Pittsburgh's Northside through an art and music festival that serves races, genders and audiences of all ages.

6/20/18 Buhl
Allegheny City Society $5,000

To support educational programming focusing on the history of Pittsburgh's Northside walking tours, bus tours and a lecture series. 

6/20/18 Buhl
Filmmakers Collaborative $5,000

To support the completion of the feature-length documentary "From Liberty to Captivity" aimed at raising awareness of the pervasive reality of sex trafficking in Pennsylvania.

6/20/18 Buhl
Pittsburgh Cares $5,000

To expand staff leadership development and service-learning programming with middle school students who live in the Northside.

6/20/18 Buhl
United Methodist Church Union $5,000

To further expand support for a 2018 summer meals program for underserved youth in the Northview Heights section of the Northside.

6/20/18 Buhl
FOCUS Pittsburgh $2,000

To support a One Northside cohort to attend a weeklong training on Trauma Informed Community Development (TICD).

6/20/18 Buhl
Allegheny Youth Development $5,000

To support the Summer Golf-with-Police class designed to develop positive image and good relationship among children, families and officers.

6/20/18 Frick
Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble $4,500

To provide children and families, targeting individuals who are unwell or under resourced with a free matinee of The Gray Cat and the Founder.

6/20/18 Frick
Center of Life $10,000

To support Center of Life's KRUNK in Northview Heights in order to ease tensions and promote cross-cultural collaboration from all nationalities represented in that community.

6/20/18 McCreery

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