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Grants Approved at December 13, 2017 Board Meeting

Grantee Amount Description Date Fund
Community College of Allegheny County $500,000

To support CCAC's workforce development initiative by preparing faculty in the most advanced instructional practice that will prepare students for the workforce needs of the future

3/7/18 Buhl
New Sun Rising $175,000

To support the administration of the 2018 One Northside Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mini-Grant program

3/7/18 Buhl
ioby $150,000

To support a new 2018 One Northside match funding and giving card program that maximizes resident leadership and resident decision-making

3/7/18 Buhl
Trying Together $50,000

To continue to support the One Northside Early Childhood Action Team work towards providing the opportunity for every young child on the Northside to thrive

3/7/18 Buhl
Carnegie Science Center $40,000

To collaboratively develop and deliver STEM programming to approximately 400 fourth-grade students on the Northside

3/7/18 Buhl
Children's Museum of Pittsburgh $40,000

To connect every first grader on the Northside with educational programs grounded in the Children's Museum to increase formal and informal learning opportunities

3/7/18 Buhl
Landforce $25,000

To enable Landforce to assist in the stewardship of ongoing Northside environmental projects and hire at least one Northside resident for its 2018 Crew

3/7/18 Buhl
Radiant Hall $25,000

To support continued prioritization of the Northside as a key location for arts incubation by developing a Radiant Hall "Real Estate Strategy" plan which will investigate long-term sites and engage partners to invest in a permanent Northside location

3/7/18 Buhl
Fineview Citizens Council $20,000

To support to support the Hilltop Community Homes Community Land Trust (CLT) project, which will rehabilitate 15 or more units of permanently affordable housing

3/7/18 Buhl
United Methodist Church Union $10,000

To continue support a 2018 summer meals program for underserved youth in the Northview Heights section of the Northside

3/7/18 Buhl
Mattress Factory $6,000

To support further development of their Succession Plan by capturing the core values that have driven the founding President and Co-Director Barbara Luderowski during the museum's 40-year history

3/7/18 Buhl
Manchester Academic Charter School $4,500

To support the One Northside 8th Grade Transition Conference which was held in October 2017

3/7/18 Buhl
YWCA Greater Pittsburgh $1,500

To support women's attendance at the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh's 150th Anniversary Gala

3/7/18 Buhl
Sarah Heinz House $1,000

To support youth attendance at the Sarah Heinz House event. 

3/7/18 Buhl

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